Anti-Corruption After School

Antiprodlenka is an educational hub specialising in anti-corruption.

Our courses are for students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in openness, accountability and anti-corruption measures.

Our courses



  • Alyona Vandysheva

    Alyona Vandysheva

    Expert in anti-corruption education

  • Anna Kuleshova

    Anna Kuleshova

    Sociologist, founder of Social Researchers Across Borders

  • Grigory Mashanov

    Grigory Mashanov

    Anti-corruption lawyer

  • Vladislav Netyaev

    Vladislav Netyaev

    AML/CFT researcher

  • Lizaveta Tsybulina

    Lizaveta Tsybulina

    Investigative journalist

  • Roman Romanovsky

    Roman Romanovsky


  • Vika Shkarinova

    Vika Shkarinova


  • Ilia Shumanov

    Ilia Shumanov

    Expert in anti-corruption and AML/CFT

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