March-May 2024

Anti-Corruption in Practice

How can we make positive changes in anti-corruption? How does transparency help business? Why do anti-corruption investigations often fail to bring results and how can this be improves? These and many other questions are reflected in the “Anti-Corruption in Practice” course taught by a group of experts. The course will familiarize students with the main anti-corruption tools for increasing transparency in the public and business sector.

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Who is this course for?

Activists, municipal deputies, researchers, students and all those who are already familiar with the basic concepts of anti-corruption and would like to dive into its practical aspects.

As part of the course, students will learn how to

  • identify signs of conflict of interest,
  • analyze public procurement for corruption risks,
  • draft appeals to the authorities on corruption offenses and get responses from them,
  • identify signs of lobbying in lawmaking,
  • develop effective anti-corruption policies,
  • implement their own anti-corruption projects.

Course format

Online classes twice a week (a lecture + a workshop). The course includes homework assignments and group work activities.


  • Alyona Vandysheva

    Alyona Vandysheva

    Expert in anti-corruption education

  • Grigory Mashanov

    Grigory Mashanov

    Anti-corruption lawyer

  • Lizaveta Tsybulina

    Lizaveta Tsybulina

    Investigative journalist

Apply now We are no longer accepting applications for this course.
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