Talking on YouTube about corruption and gender inequality

Anticorruption afterschool programs have launched a series of YouTube shorts dedicated to discussing the intersection of gender inequality and corruption.

In these videos, we explore the connections between corruption and gender inequality, explaining why addressing gender disparities is crucial-limited job market access for women results in significant profit loss. We also outline practical steps for achieving gender equality, and soon, we will discuss how everyone can contribute to this global goal. 

“Gender inequality and corruption go hand in hand, therefore, modern anticorruption strategies must include gender perspectives. Research shows that increasing women’s roles and opportunities in leadership positions leads to reduction in corruption, not only in businesses but also in government agencies. Moreover, embracing diverse gender perspectives can increase investment inflows, profitability at both the state and corporate levels, and creates an environment conducive to innovation.

Before developing anticorruption strategies, it is essential to recognize that corruption affects men and women differently. Women, often responsible for meeting basic family needs, are more likely to interact with public services and, consequently, face a higher risk of encountering corruption. Therefore, it is crucial to collect and analyze data on corruption offenses with gender-specific breakdowns. Additionally, it is important to note that women and girls are disproportionately the victims of corruption, particularly sexual extortion. 

Moving forward, the development of anticorruption measures must aim to combat corruption and promote gender equality simultaneously», –

Alyona Vandisheva,

Head of Anticorruption After-School Programs.

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